BasenjiAAb is a small family business based on love to dogs. Our aim is to cheer and dress up your pets. Clothes and accessories we make for basenji are of highest quality. We mainly produce dogs’ clothing, beds, hand-made collars, as well as other accessories. The history of finding our business is simple: when we realized there was a need to protect our dogs from cold, we started searching for clothing suitable for that, and therefore we have decided to produce them on our own. This was the first time we made them, and in the course of the time we saw an interest from our neighbors and friends, and this is how our website “Basenji-aab” was created so that we could show our production to the rest of the world and dress other dogs as well. We pay extraordinary attention to the quality and functionality to the dogs’ clothing we produce, as well as to materials we choose. Each item we produce is hand-made by order.